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Please read thoroughly before placing any order. On placing an order, you are confirming that you have read and agree to this document.







The price you pay for my items is a whole sale price and you have my full permission to sell on at a price you deem acceptable.




Upon ordering you are accepting that I will continue to run my stall, and my websites with prices that may inevitably be a little lower than your own. Please also be aware that I reserve the right to stock other outlets in the area, but I will always be respectful of stock carried by each location.




Minimum wholesale order £ 25




On receipt of an order, a confirmation will be provided, along with a deposit invoice if required. On delivery an itemised invoice will be included, and immediate payment of the outstanding balance would be required.




Many of my items are often ordered as an assortment. If this is the case, I will always do my best to provide a varying selection of my most popular designs. However, if specific patterns/colours are to be included/excluded, this must be made clear upon ordering.


If the assortment provided is not to your liking, this must be raised immediately upon receiving the order.










I will accept cash/cheque/bank transfer. Bank transfer would be the preferable method of payment.




Cheques are payable to Lily Pickles




Address: Pentrig, Green Lane West, Marazion, Cornwall. TR17 0HH.
















All items are handmade by myself and I work alone so I will inform you of an estimated date of delivery when an order is placed,  and keep you up to date with the progress of your order. Approximate timescale is 2 to 3 weeks.




Delivery costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.




Standard Royal Mail services will be used unless requested otherwise. Proof of postage is always obtained. Once posted and receipt gained, PTFP holds no accountability for the contents.








No returns or exchanges can be offered on items purchased outright, unless faulty or incorrect.


This includes commission orders.










In some cases, items may not be available in large quantities, or may be unique items. Enquires are welcomed.




Colour matching cannot be guaranteed due to supplies, colour lots, and circumstances beyond my control. This includes items ordered online.




PrettyThingsFromPickle cannot be held accountable for any reactions caused by earrings. All studs and dangly earrings are Silver plated, and it is the responsibility of the seller to ensure the purchaser is aware of the materials used.




All items will be produced on a PrettyThingsFromPickle backing card and are not permitted for sale without it, nor is it permitted to transfer goods onto your own branded packaging. Outlets found doing so will not be accepted to make any future purchases.












Many thanks for taking the time to read my terms and conditions.